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Scientific publications:

 Energy Efficiency, No: It's Exergy Efficiency! (144 kB)

 The G8 Summit in Heiligendamm, Germany, 6 - 9 June, 2007: Inevitably, – it's Hytime! (90 kB)

 Energy Efficiency and the Hydrogen Energy Economy's Contribution
 An Aide Mémoire (537 kB)

 Hydrogen Energy – The Terrestrial 'Man-to-the Moon'- Project of the 21st Century (890 kB)

 Germany: The Energy Heptagon (300 kB)

 Centennial Memorandum on Hydrogen Energy (236 kB)

 Energy Policy is Technology Politics – the Hydrogen Energy Case (1.1 MB)

 Energy Policy is Technology Politics – The Hydrogen Energy Case (583 kB)

 Electricity, Hydrogen – Competitors, Partner? (PDF-Dokument, 117 kB)

 Into the hydrogen energy economy-milestones (187 kB)

 Hydrogen Energy Communication Services (HYCOM), Hydrogen Energy – A List of 22 Arguments (75 kB)

 Hydrogen Energy – Now! (1,2 MB)

 Energy Conversion Chains – Definitions (200 kB)

 Proposal for a German H2-"Autobahnring" (75 kB)

 Activating Latent Energy Potentials (12 kB)

 Hydrogen Energy — its constitutional contributions to the energy mix (56 kB)

 Transportation Options in an Carbon-constrained World ... (433 kB)

 Hydrogen Energy - its Constitutional Contribution to the Energy Mix and the Powerful Solution of Global Warming (31 kB)

 Hydrogen Energy — Completing Human's Energy Mix (44 kB)

  An Industry Tycoon in Sight? (182 kB)

  After Nuclear has Gone: Energy in Germany (171 kB)

  SUNRISE – After Nuclear has Gone: Energy in Germany (1.2 MB)

  The Energiewende: Not an energy turnaround, rather a customary energy system adaption (350 kB)

 Twenty Hydrogen Myths

 The World Economic Forum's Hydrogen Energy Dinner, October 20, 2003,
Geneva, Switzerland: Five courses and a desert

 Johannesburg World Summit on Sustainable Development:
Inevitably, – it's Hytime!

 H2Congress2004 and the World Football Championship 2006 in Germany

 On the HYway –
Sustainable Assets in Germany's Energy State's Portfolio

 forum hydrogenium 2003 – A Dispute on Energy

 It's HYtime

Additional things worth knowing:

  IAHE establishes hydrogen energy trust to assist implementation (PDF-document, 72 kB)
  IAHE Trust Officials (PDF-document, 66 kB)
  ON HYDROGEN ENERGY – THE FOREVER FUEL; a centennial memorandum to the heads of G8 countries (PDF-document, 440 kB)

 Recent literature on hydrogen energy and its technologies (english, german)