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H2Congress2004 and the World Soccer Championship 2006 in Germany

(Carl-Jochen Winter, Überlingen)

In spring next year the

The International German Hydrogen Energy Congress 2004,
11 - 12 February, 2004, Essen, Germany

will become the centre-of-gravity of the hydrogen energy world, and only less 2 years later.

The World Soccer Championship 2006

will be hosted by Germany.

Both highly popular events will be enjoying worldwide attention. They have much more in common than is viewed at a first glance:

  • Hydrogen fuelled busses and automobiles are to become the fleet of vehicles of a dynamic transport system - safe, reliably, cleanly.
  • Hydrogen cartridges fuel the fuel cells of the TV-cameras of the international broadcasting teams, their laptops, cellular phones, and other electronic portables - light-handedly, low weight, long-lived.
  • Hydrogen supplied stationary fuel cells power the arenas and the athletes' village and provide district heat for buildings of any kind – securely safe, environmentally and climatically clean, the hydrogen renewably produced or derived from fossil fuels with capture and sequestration of carbon dioxide and, thus, without harm to the earth's atmosphere.

This is the realistic vision of an energetically sustainable world we are bound for in the 21st century. Much of it is already on the market, much is on the verge to be marketed, the labs and development shops of industry and academia are full of challenging tasks. H2Congress 2004 forms an early showcase of clean hydrogen energy and transport technologies and their day-to-day practice.

Entrepreneurs, bankers, technologists, and policy makers - support H2Congress 2004 and use the favouring ambience for the furthering of the upcoming hydrogen energy economy and - truly, not least - for your own benefit! "Nothing is more convincing than the idea whose time has come" (Oscar Wilde)

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