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Twenty Hydrogen Myths

On 49 pages Amory B. Lovins of the well known Rocky Mountain Institute in Colorado, USA published his commentary on 20 myths, now and then heard when hydrogen lay people or even energy professionals discuss hydrogen energy matters.

From "hydrogen is too dangerous as a fuel" via "making hydrogen uses more energy than it yields" to "a hydrogen economy would harm Earth's climate", 20 questionable items are thoroughly put right. The argumentation is scientifically and technologically sound. Theoretical and experimental results from labs and industry serve as confirmations.

In two hours odd the reader gets a clear picture of what is scientifically undisputable, what has been technologically already achieved so far, and where deficits have still to be resolved in starting practical operation of the forthcoming hydrogen energy economy.

Source: A.B.Lovins, 20 Hydrogen Myths, http://www.rmi.org/images/other/Energy/E03-05_20HydrogenMyths.pdf (2003)

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